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The Law Offices of Tina Wallis, Inc. advises clients on California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), land use, environmental, and groundwater matters. Our practice addresses General Plan and zoning issues, compliance with CEQA and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), land use entitlements, and conservation easements. We navigate the intricacies of California’s complex environmental laws on our clients’ behalf to resolve critical environmental, natural resource, project development, and sustainability issues.

Our attorneys are experienced and highly skilled in helping landowners and public agencies meet every environmental compliance challenge. We work diligently to craft effective settlements, however complex or contentious a case may be.

Clients who retain our services can expect not only an exceptional proficiency in the distinctions of CEQA, land use, and other environmental laws, but also a commitment to the pursuit of our clients’ goals that mirrors their own. We encourage a level of collaboration that keeps communication flowing and fosters confidence, thus moving toward resolution as efficiently as possible. Clients best served by the Law Offices of Tina Wallis act in good faith upon our advice and counsel, with the understanding that today’s investment of attention, time and faith in the process can reap long term results.

We have successfully obtained entitlements, performed CEQA compliance, or resolved CEQA challenges for:


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