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Who We Are

Wallis Law advises clients on California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), land use, environmental, and groundwater matters. Our firm addresses General Plan and zoning issues, compliance with CEQA and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), land use entitlements, and conservation easements. We navigate the intricacies of California’s complex environmental laws on our clients’ behalf to resolve critical environmental, natural resource, project development, and sustainability issues.

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At Wallis Law, our attorneys have extensive experience representing and interacting with public agencies in CEQA, land use, and other environmental matters.

Our Commitment to Clients



Wallis Law operates with an unwavering commitment to upholding the highest ethical standards in all aspects of the firm’s operations, client interactions, community engagements, and legal practices.

We are open and transparent about our fees, billing practices, and potential conflicts of interest to ensure clients have a clear understanding of their legal matters and associated costs.


Wallis Law represents a commitment to embracing creativity, adaptability, and forward-thinking approaches to legal services and problem solving.

Our commitment to finding better ways to serve clients, improve internal processes, and adapt to the ever-changing legal landscape.


Wallis Law  is dedicated to achieving positive outcomes for clients and measures its success based on tangible, favorable results produced for clients.

Our client-focused approach and strong commitment toward achieving favorable outcomes is the foundation of our historical success.


Wallis Law  is committed to excellence in legal solutions, client service, and team culture dedicated to delivering outstanding results for clients.

We strive for excellence in legal research, strategy, analysis and representation. We stay up to date with the latest developments and use the best practices to provide top-notch legal advice and advocacy in service to exceed our client’s expectations.

highly skilled + Experienced Attorneys Helping Clients Address environmental compliance challenges.

We work diligently to craft effective settlements, however complex or contentious a case may be.

Clients who retain our services can expect exceptional proficiency in the distinctions of CEQA, land use, and other environmental laws, and personalized service and commitment to the pursuit of our clients’ goals. We deliver a level of partnership that facilitates communication flow, fosters confidence, and moves projects toward resolution quickly and efficiently.

Clients who engage the services of Wallis Law value professional advice and assistance provided by experienced attorneys. They are willing to actively participate in the legal process, providing necessary information, cooperating with their legal team, and following the recommended strategies to pursue their goals.

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We have successfully obtained land use entitlements, performed CEQA compliance, or resolved CEQA challenges for:


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