Law Offices of Tina Wallis

Land Use Law

The Law Offices of Tina Wallis guides private and public sector clients through environmental review, securing permits for building and operations such as wineries, tasting rooms, luxury resorts, residential and commercial subdivisions, affordable housing, public works projects, and religious retreats. We also represent developers in large land acquisitions or sales who wish to develop the property or where the property is entitled, but the project has not yet been built.

Our expertise is essential to clients wishing to minimize risk; we are scrupulous with every requirement, work closely with all relevant agencies, and secure permits as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Environmental Law

The Law Offices of Tina Wallis represents clients in all aspects of CEQA compliance, from application submittal through litigation and obtaining vested rights. We also help landowners and developers resolve issues related to California endangered species, water quality, city and county ordinances and codes, and general public agency laws.

Representation by our firm is ethical and practical. We also work diligently to craft effective settlements, when possible, however complex or contentious a case may be.